Sur la Route des Moutardes: Vins Sur 20, Caussades

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Laurent Zimmermann, past sommelier to Michelin-starred Bernard Loiseau, runs a storefront in the heart of Caussades.  He greets us with a house roasted coffee.  I look about to realize my dream business is his routine.  In addition to the local saveurs of mustards and sweets he has black boar hams from Bigorre, truffles, wines and liqueurs, hand made pocket knives: everything I want when I grow up.  He plots a hypothetical menu, three dishes: three wines, each with mustard.  His smile lightens when he suggests maybe we try a beverage.  First recommendation, for Saucisse de Toulouse and aligot (cheesy mashed potatoes from the Massif Central), a bangers and mash for the region.  Zimmermann pairs the meat and potatoes with a Marcillac, Domaine du Cros.  Fruity and resinous, like young blackberries the fer servadou grape can handle the fat and salt of the meal.